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OS and DB Management on all servers
General Management
• User Management
• Disk space management
• Monitoring performance parameters
• DHCP/NFS/ SAMBA administration
• Qmail/Send Mail/ postfix component administration
• Anti-virus updates
• Proxy/ ftp administration

Configuration Management
• Patches testing and application
• DNS configurations
• SAMBA configurations
• DHCP configuration
• NFS configurations
• Apache configuration
• Proxy/ftp configuration
• SSL Certificate

Error Management
• Response to alerts generated by systems or problemsreportedbycustomer
• Troubleshooting, root cause analysis and identification of problem area
• Escalation of hardware problems to hardware vendor
• Resolution of problems through configuration changes/re-installations/replacements

• Monitor hardware resources through the tool
• Escalate hardware failures to hardwar even dor
• Assist hardware vendor to Identify problem area

Performance Management
• Monitor performance parameters(details of monitored parameters available in InfraMonitorspecsheet)
• Apache fine tuning
• Respond to performance degradation
• Conduct Troubleshooting,root cause analysis and identify the bottlenecks
• Suggest de-bottlenecking solutions.

Operations support
• Backup process execution
• Restoration of files and configuration when required
• Replication setup checks
• Trouble ticket logging, update and closure
• Syslog and log management
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