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Anti Spamware Gold Package

Salient Features

Mobile Push Mail / Active Sync

Mail Archiving - Archive Server needed separately

Limit Emails Per Hour Per User / Per Domain

Sender Email ID = Authentication Email ID

Speed Control Per Domain to protect Spamming

Audit / Spam / Usage / Deferral & many more automated reports

Bulk Email ID Uploads

Data Migration from any email platform to Zimbra (Separate Paid Activity)

Spam Filtering

MX Failovers

IP Blacklist Management - Incoming & Outgoing

OS Hardening

Full Backup

Incremental Backup

DDOS Attack Protection

Monthly / Bi-Monthly / Daily Mailbox Backup without shutting down zimbra services

Securing port 25 against spamming

SSL Certificate

SMTP Relaying from our servers on behalf of your Zimbra

Distribution List Management & Policy Enablement

Logo / Branding for the customer

Mobile Push Mail / Active Sync

SpamArrest - Premium Gateway Spam Filteration

Video Conferencing

Domain Administrator

No need to worry about your IP's blacklisting

256bit RSA Signing on Email Headers

1 Aylık Ücret - $300.00USD
3 Aylık Ücret - $300.00USD
6 Aylık Ücret - $300.00USD